Special request to Cheryl and Grimmers as they co-host on BBC Radio 1

Cheryl Tweedy was co-hosting with Nick Grimshaw on his BBC Radio 1 show yesterday (Thursday), when he suddenly announced he was going to play Liam Payne next. He said it wasn’t out of choice, but Liam had been on to request it via Cheryl.

It seems they’re both still on good terms after their split earlier this year. Apparently, Liam sent a text to Cheryl asking her to play his new song Polaroid.

Nick asked if there was any rivalry between the two of them as they both have new single releases? She replied, “Not that I’m aware of.” She also said that Liam was listening to the show and thought it was hilarious.

Cheryl was on the show to promote her new release Love Made Me Do It, which was out last week and is her first in four years.

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