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Fleur East reveals Strictly secrets on Hits Breakfast

Fleur East spilled some behind the scenes Strictly secrets live on Hits Radio Breakfast this morning.

The presenter revealed that she’s finding this week’s Viennese Waltz overwhelming and how she’s helping her dance partner, Vito, settle into his new London home with a very ‘bougie’ birthday present.

Speaking to co-hosts James and Matt, Fleur revealed that every day is merging into one and she has no concept of time or place and feels like she’s dancing all the time.

She said her brain is tired because of having to process all the steps and technique. Her neck is aching from being stuck out to the side and it just feels really unnatural for her.

Sounds like she’s having a great time!

“When you watch it at home you think everyone’s got a week to learn the dance but you’ve actually only got a couple of days,” Fleur explained. “You come in on Monday, learn it all, then Tuesday you have to clean it up and send a tape to the production team so they can see your routine and they know what’s happening for filming.

“So, by Tuesday you have to have it done. On Wednesday and Thursday you’re doing rehearsals but press as well so you don’t really have time to learn it. At that point you’re just polishing it so you really only have two full days in the week.”

She admitted that she gets the point when learning a new routine that her mind goes blank. It’s a bit overwhelming for her because she’s feeling she can’t do it but has to do so live on TV in a few days.

“But once you start to get it you think OK, this is going to be fun, it’s going to be fine,” she said.

Fleur also discussed what she splashed out on for her dance partner Vito’s birthday earlier this week after he recently moved to London and is still trying to figure things out in his new apartment. She said he’s only just worked out he’s got an oven because he didn’t know where it was.

“So, he’s been washing his clothes every day and coming to rehearsal and saying ‘they smell really bad’ so for his 30th birthday yesterday I bought him some really bougie washing detergent,” Fleur revealed.

“I know it’s very practical but all he’s doing all day is dancing and sweating so what better gift than washing detergent and fabric conditioner?! I know it’s a bit boring, but I don’t really know him that well yet and yes, it is a kind of mother thing to do,” she added.

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