Radio 2 DJ issues warning after being robbed in the street

It’s a very common crime these days, which unfortunately happened to BBC Radio 2 presenter Jo Whiley yesterday, when her phone was snatched from her hand in the street.

The robbery occurred while she was walking to work from Euston station.

Jo shared her experience in a tweet, warning others to be careful so it doesn’t happen to them. She said: “Just sharing this to help others avoid it happening to them. I was walking from Euston station in London to work yesterday afternoon – stood waiting to cross the road & texting my producer when a kid on a bike snatched my phone from my hand. Gone in seconds. Lesson learned.”

An article on the Voice of London website last November stated that over 183 smartphones are stolen in the UK every day, with most of the thefts being in London.

There’s a page on the Metropolitan Police website highlighting the problem and provides information about The Be Safe campaign which aims to help people keep their mobile phones safe. It also offers advice on protecting your mobile phone from criminals on bikes or mopeds.

Warning everyone to be on their guard, Jo also tweeted that it seems phone theft is common in the area where she was yesterday afternoon and urged everyone to be careful it doesn’t happen to them. She also admitted that it’s a “pretty horrible experience”.

Many of Jo’s followers responded to her tweets saying how sorry they were to hear of the robbery and wishing her well – as we at OnTheRadio do too.

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