Tim Vincent to host pilot comedy discussion show about dads on Radio 4

Former Blue Peter presenter Tim Vincent is to host a pilot show on BBC Radio 4 based around dads which will air later this month.

The Likely Dads is a late night ‘comedy conversation’ where five dads discuss what it’s like to be a father in modern Britain.

In the frank and funny pilot show, Tim Vincent will be joined by comedians Russell Kane, Sean Hegarty Mick Ferry and comedy actor Jonathan Kydd. They’ll talk about everything from sleep (or lack of it), pregnancy and toilet training, to dealing with children in restaurants, being the only dad at playgroup and whether there’s anything that dads do better than mums.

Presenter Tim Vincent or ‘Twin Vincent’ as he’s dubbed himself for this says: “As a new father for the first time at 47 of twin boys, I am delighted to be hosting a show joined by other dads who have tips, insights and warnings about parenthood.

“Are dad’s disadvantaged, do we really know less than mums and what are the politics of the schoolyard gate? ‘The Likely Dads’ is a safe haven for men to get things off their chest, a bit like AA but the bottles we discuss contain powdered milk.”

The Likely Dads pilot episode, which is made by independent production company Made in Manchester, will air on BBC Radio 4 at 11pm on 27 February.

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