Blake Shelton tells Absolute Radio Country about relationship with Gwen Stefani

Country music singer and TV host Blake Shelton has revealed on Absolute Radio Country that his relationship to fiancé Gwen Stefani has made him more mature and patient with people.

Talking to Jasmine Sadry on The Nashville Show he was asked what the one thing about himself that he can say is different now, that Gwen is in his life.

He commented: “I think I’ve become a little more, mature and patient with people, you know? ‘Cause Gwen is always, any time there’s like this, aversion or, or something controversial going on in her life or personal life she always has this way of looking at things from different directions and, and one being the other person’s point of view and why this thing might be happening, you know? And I never thought about that before I would just– I’ve always assumed that I’m right about whatever we’re talking about.”

The host also asked Blake what his favourite thing about his wife to be is with The US Voice Coach commenting that sometimes he just forgets she is Gwen Stefani.

“My favourite thing is just sometimes I forget that it’s, she’s Gwen Stefani and literally just this morning like thirty minutes ago… just like all of us have to do, I had to, take a Covid test here at the house and for something coming up tomorrow or the next day we’re constantly taking those things in the entertainment industry. And, the girl came to the door and I walked to the door and Gwen was talking to me about something and, and then she went on and the girl gave me the test and right when she was walking away she goes: “By the way… thank you for letting me see her” I go: “What, uh, what are you talking about?” And she goes: “I just, uh, you know, when you came to the door like I got to see her and thank you for, you know” and I go “You’re welcome [LAUGHS] no problem”. She has that effect.”

The Nashville show, presented by Paul Koffy and Jasmine Sadry is on Absolute Country every weekday at 7pm with guests, stories and culture straight from the Music City.

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