Simon Mayo picks his first Captain Scala

The first Captain Scala has been named as James by Simon Mayo on his Scala Radio show.

Naming someone as Captain Scala for the day is to acknowledge they have done some fine work and to let everyone know about it.

Simon pointed out that it doesn’t have to have been an extraordinary performance, but rather just something nice that deserves acknowledgement.

Emma Rollin from Belper emailed to nominate her husband James as Captain Scala because he’s kept the house going while she had a fluey virus and was pottering around in her pyjamas.

James looked after their two children, made sure Emma kept hydrated and took all her meds. He even did the cleaning! Apparently, James is pretty brilliant all the time, but this week has been even ‘brillianter’ according to Emma!

Simon had James on the phone, who said it was an honour to be Captain Scala, particularly being named as the first one. He was questioned on “even doing the cleaning” with Simon saying, “The impression I think there, is that’s quite a remarkable thing.”

“I think I do my fair share most of the time” was the response from James, prompting Simon to say, “I see, I see, but now your share has increased somewhat and what most people might say is that’s what Emma does on a daily basis and you’ve had to step up for a couple of days!”

Thankfully things are back to normal now, and as Captain Scala, James was awarded a Scala Radio mug, making it all worthwhile of course!

Simon also pointed out to James, that as the very first ever Captain Scala, we’ll always remember him!!

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