Gemma Cairney Gets Classical with Scala Radio

TV and Radio presenter Gemma Cairney is joining Scala Radio to explore the world of classical music throughout January.

Gemma’s passion about mental health will form a key part of this series. Each episode will give listeners an opportunity to learn with Gemma about the power of classical music to help, heal and offer hope in hard times.

Alongside classical music the series will also dabble in Gemma’s other musical influences and passions.

Gemma said “It has been calming and exciting starting 2022 by exploring a new genre of music with Scala Radio.

“Classical music is something quite new to me and I have really got something out of learning about the different eras of Classical and the variety of emotions the music can invoke.

“The experience has been uplifting, surprising and exciting and I hope the Scala listeners enjoy coming on this journey with me.”

You can listen to Gemma Cairney Gets Classical on Scala Radio each Sunday from 2 January from 6-8pm.

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