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Radio 1’s Adele Roberts shares the good news she is cancer free

BBC Radio 1 DJ Adele Roberts has revealed that she is now cancer free after being diagnosed with bowel cancer last October.

Sharing the good news on Instagram, Adele wrote: “The day I’ve been waiting for. Hearing the words “you’re free of cancer” absolutely took my breath away. I keep replaying it in my mind. It was the most beautiful sound I think I’ve ever heard. Even though I was praying Dr Khan would say that to me I don’t think my head let me believe it until I heard it.

“Everything we’ve been through seems to be swirling around in my body and life feels a bit surreal at the moment… BUT I AM SO GRATEFUL! I am counting my blessings.”

The former Big Brother contestant went on to acknowledge the respect she has for anyone dealing with cancer – the courage, strength, determination and at times, humour that’s needed. She described how it sometimes took all of her strength to get out of bed to face the day, not knowing her fate, but knowing she’d never give up trying.

Thanking everyone who had messaged her with love or positive thoughts, Adele continued: “You’ve kept me going and helped me slay this beast. That’s one thing Dr Khan said to me. Your mind can go to dark places when dealing with cancer but that’s the one thing I knew I had control over. My body might have been dying – it’s still so sore now – but there was no way I was letting it destroy my spirit.

“If anything, it’s made me happier than I’ve ever been. Going through the darkness has given me the light. It’s transformed me, given me my little stoma Audrey, brought amazing people into my life and it’s time now for me to start really living.”

In addition to her thanks to Dr Khan and the NHS, there was a special mention for her partner Kate Holderness: “Thank you to my Kate. The reason I had the strength to get out of bed every morning. I will never leave you and I will always find you. In this life and the next.”

Since her diagnosis and treatment, Adele has been sharing updates on her condition with her followers on social media. She was recently honoured at the Diva Awards, picking up the Diva Choice Award for raising LGBTQ+ awareness in broadcasting, and for sharing her cancer journey.



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