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Piers Morgan to leave TalkTV and Talk Radio to focus on YouTube

Piers Morgan is taking his Uncensored show off TalkTV and Talk Radio, so it will be just on YouTube.

The broadcaster says being on TV is an “unnecessary straitjacket” and a move to online only would mean he could do longer and more in-depth interviews.

He also said that people watch the content on Youtube rather than conventional television. Morgan’s show has around 2.35 million subscribers on YouTube, which is many more than watch it on TalkTV.

The move comes less than two years since he joined the station on what was reported as a three-year deal. Now, he’ll continue to host his show with less regular content on YouTube.

Uncensored returns exclusively to YouTube on Monday 19 February.

On Talk Radio and TalkTV, Mike Graham will begin his show an hour earlier following Morgan’s departure.

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