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“I’ve been talking in a baby voice for weeks,” new mum Fleur East admits

Fleur East joined Angellica Bell, James and Matt on the Hits Radio Breakfast Show this morning to give an update on her life as a new mum.

Regular host Fleur is currently on maternity leave having given birth to baby Nova just three weeks ago. Listeners also a heard little gurgle from Nova herself!

Talking to her colleagues, Fleur said: ‘It’s so weird to talk to other adults – I’ve been talking in a baby voice for so many weeks now!”

She revealed that the first week was a complete blur to her as she was a walking zombie and didn’t know what was going on.

“I felt like I was a milk machine for seven days straight, but now I’m adjusting I feel a little bit more human. It’s going to take some time but I’m enjoying it a lot more now,” she said.

It seems like Nova has the Fleur East vocals, according to Fleur, who said that her pitch and tone are very clear.

“When she starts crying it’s like OK those lungs are working – she can project very well,” she added.

She also revealed: “Loads of people say to me you’re never going to remember life without her, and I try to but it’s very hazy, it feels like it’s in the distant past. And it is weird now, I can’t imagine going day to day without Nova in my life. It’s very strange but amazing!”

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