Chris Moyles pays tribute to Radio X listener who sadly took his own life

Chris Moyles paid tribute during his Radio X Breakfast Show to a listener and former competition winner who had taken his own life a few weeks ago.

Moyles revealed that Alex, who won a competition on the show earlier this year, had sadly died a few weeks ago and said that anyone suffering with mental health problems during the lockdown should seek help.

Speaking with co-host Dominic Byrne, Chris said: “We have some very sad news. Earlier this year we were giving away the Mini full of prizes and Alex was the winner and we drove all the way to see him and his wife Rachel. We went and had a couple of drinks with them and we had a really nice time and all was well in the world.

“This week we heard the sad news that Alex took his own life a few weeks ago. We’re obviously really upset by this.

“We send all our love and condolences to his wife Rachel and his family and friends. It’s a horrendous thing that they must all be going through. It’s terrible that Alex is gone, it’s terrible that Alex felt that was his only way out.”

Chris added: “If you are listening to this and you are feeling like you want to die, then it’s really important that you tell somebody, that you reach out and tell somebody.

“That could be a friend, a family member, can be somebody you trust. It could be a complete stranger, and there are various people that you can call and just talk, and they will just listen.”

He explained that there are a lot of people feeling this way right now, but there is support available if needed and added: “You don’t have to struggle with difficult feelings on your own. You’re also not on your own.

“You are really, really not alone even if you feel isolated from the whole world.”

Chris then read out some numbers of organisations that are there to help.

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