Amanda Holden’s mum to join her in charity skydrive with Heart

Heart Breakfast’s Amanda Holden is preparing for her skydive with her 69-year-old mother Judy to raise money for Heart’s Charity, Global’s Make Some Noise.

The mother and daughter are hoping to raise money to help disadvantaged children and young people.

Speaking on Heart Breakfast, Amanda said: “I always go on and on to my girls ‘oh yes Mummy’s fearless, girls can do anything, you can do anything’ – I am actually quite terrified.

“When I was coming off my holidays over the weekend I actually made myself just keep staring out of the window going ‘look at all that patchwork stuff down there, that’s Great Britain that is, you’re gonna be looking at that next week, and then volunteering to throw myself out..but hopefully I’m going to have a nice strong man or woman attached to me to actually help me.”

“I know that with the money raised we can make some massive life changing differences to incredible small charities across the country, so I will be appealing to you, your lovely selves out there.

“If you want to see Amanda Holden thrown out of a plane, I feel there’s loads of you that might want that, you can also donate to see it happen!”

“I’m wearing my brown pants that’s all I’m saying.”

To donate £10 text AMANDA10 to 70766 or visit

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