Former producer launches Christmas Carols Radio

A former Capital and Heart producer has launched an online radio station playing nothing but traditional Christmas carols 24 hours a day, all year round.
Christmas Carols Radio was founded by North London resident Ben Vane, the former radio producer who is now training to be a vicar in the Church of England.
He said, “We play nothing but Christmas carols – no novelty Christmas music, just choirs singing traditional carols. As far as we know we’re the only internet radio station in the world playing nothing but Christmas carols. And we’re proud of it!”

Having worked as a producer for Capital and Heart FM, Ben set up the station after three years of planning, with his sister, Emma Vane – a voice artist and actress who works in radio and television.
The new radio station plays traditional choral music, sung by choirs and solo vocalists, with reflections written by Ben on the Christmas story. He said, “We know you’re most likely to listen in December, but we’ve decided to broadcast Christmas Carols Radio all year round to make sure we’re listed in the places you’ll be looking for us.
“We’d love to think you could have us on in the background at work in the run up to Christmas, at home as you wrap the presents and maybe even during your family Christmas meal. We hope that the station will help people appreciate more of the Christian message of Christmas.”

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