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Harry Hill reveals “secrets” from You’ve Been Framed and TV Burp

Harry Hill joined the Hits Radio Breakfast Show this morning where he revealed some behind the scenes secrets from his hit TV shows.

Show hosts Angellica Bell and James Barr spoke to the comedian about You’ve Been Framed and TV Burp.

Angellica asked him about You’ve Been Framed being cancelled in 2022 and he pointed out that it was cancelled in 2020 – it just took two years for anyone to notice because all the episodes of the show are pretty much the same!

“It’s an old lady at a wedding falling off a trestle table we can see her knickers…  here’s a boy with a tray of hot drinks, oh no he hasn’t seen the patio door he spilt them all over himself he’s got burns and is in hospital and on a ventilator… see you after the break,” he explained.

Harry spoke about people faking videos for the show to get their hands on £250, saying that they could always spot a fake and were quite hard on them.

“They only really got in if we were short,” he said. “Actually, when I started doing the show, and this is true, the producer was getting married and needed the money for the wedding so was submitting clips under different names. She somehow managed to get hold of a hedgehog and make it fall off the draining board onto the sink, submitted that and got £250. It’s a national scandal!”

He also explained why TV Burp will never be back on our screens: “Firstly no one has asked me to bring it back and I can’t just start doing it in the street,” he revealed “Also, TV has changed so much. When we did TV Burp everyone watched the same stuff – everyone watched X Factor, EastEnders, everyone knew Kat and Alfie’s story but now we all watch different stuff,” he added.

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