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Jordan North regrets asking Niall Horan back after boozy night out

Earlier this morning Capital Breakfast’s Jordan North was speaking about his bank holiday weekend and a boozy night out with Niall Horan after bumping into him at a pub.

Jordan says his spontaneous night out with Niall was “really fun” admitting inviting him back to his place for a ‘picky tea’.

He said that he doesn’t have any famous friends, but he went into a pub on Sunday and Niall Horan walked in.

“It weren’t like a fancy pub. If anything. We had the footy on in the background, sticky floors, that type of thing. Perfect pub. Smelt like a pub, look like a pub. It was a pub pub,” Jordan explained. “So, I’m outside on the step. Just having a beer in my little plastic wobbly cup. And then Niall Horan walked in.”

He recognised Jordan even though they’d only met once before and they got chatting, so Jordan offered to buy him a pint and ordered a Guinness for himself. Niall said he couldn’t have a Guinness because he was flying to America the following day to go on tour and if he had one, he wouldn’t stop.

“I said ‘go on you’ll be fine’,” Jordan continued. “That was at four o’clock…. 11 o’clock at night…. right and then it starts… because you forget he’s a One Directioner. So as the night is going on people are noticing but they’re playing it cool. You know it’s like in London but as people have more drinks, they get more brave, so the selfies are coming out.”

Because of this, Jordan suggested they go back to his local which was 10 minutes in an Uber, so they went there.

“I’m trying to play cool… I’m texting family Whatsapp group going ‘I’m on the beer with Niall Horan’ but this is where and it’s all going well… I ruined it,” Jordan revealed. “Because I played it really cool. And last orders went in my local.. it’s 11 o’clock and I was like ‘come back to ours’ and he was like ‘I can’t I fly tomorrow. I’ve gotta go’ and I was like ‘come back to ours’ I wouldn’t leave it. So, to try and persuade him to come back to ours I was like ‘come back to ours. I’ll make you a picky tea’.”

Instead of just letting Niall go, Jordan asked him about seven times to go back to his for a picky tea, saying it was from M&S, but Niall said he had to go.

“I weirded him out, I invited Niall Horan from One Direction back for a picky tea and he declined,” Jordan admitted.


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