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Norwegian singer Sigrid to share passion for Neil Young on Radio 2

Norwegian singer-songwriter Sigrid is to host a special programme on BBC Radio 2 where she shares her passion for the music of Neil Young.

Sigrid and her family are all fans of Neil Young, who has been making music for over 60 years. Her father and mother got together through a shared love of his music, and along with her brother and sister, have spent many years playing his songs together around the piano in the family home.

In the two-part series, My Neil Young Fan Story, Sigrid will be looking back at his life and career with a host of famous fans.

In addition to a wide range of songs, including Harvest Moon, Heart Of Gold, Cinnamon Girl and Train Of Love to name just a few, there are some remarkable stories too.

Emily Eavis tells how he had to pull out of Glastonbury in 1997 because he injured his finger making a sandwich, before he eventually headlined in 2009. She also discusses how his songs have impacted politics.

Jake Bugg shares his thoughts on Neil Young writing four of his biggest songs, whilst he was seriously ill in bed with a high fever.

Record producer and train aficionado Pete Waterman explains how Neil Young’s love of model railway saved it from collapse in the U.S.

BBC Radio 2 Folk Show host Mark Radcliffe shares his thoughts on the impact Neil Young has made on the musical landscape, whilst Far Out Magazine editor and Neil Young fan Jack Whatley provides a whistle stop tour of his career in 60 seconds.

The programme was recorded in front of a piano, so Sigrid also plays a few of her favourite Neil Young songs, including Only Love Can Break Your Heart, Keep On Rockin’ In The Free World and Cowgirl In The Sand.

Sigrid says: “I wanted to make this programme about Neil Young because his music was such a big part of my childhood, and he is still one of my favourite artists.

“Growing up in Norway, we had his music on the speakers at home, we listened to him in the car to the mountains and my dad would tell us all these Neil Young stories whenever he got the chance.

“Now that I’m 27 years old and touring the world, it is comforting to know that I can listen to Neil wherever I am – on a tour bus or in a hotel room – and still feel like I have a little piece of home with me. I’ve had a great time making this with some incredible guests and I’m really excited for the listeners to find out more as well.”

Episode one of Sigrid: My Neil Young Fan Story can be heard on BBC Radio 2 on Sunday 28 January, 12-1am and episode two on Saturday 3 February, 3-4pm.

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