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Spice Girls 30th celebration? “When the stars are aligned,” says Geri

Geri Halliwell-Horner was on the Radio 2 Breakfast Show this morning, chatting to Nicki Chapman, whose sitting in for Zoe Ball.

Among the things they talked about were how Geri finds time to write a book and the possibility of the girls getting together again.

As for writing her book, Geri said it’s all about discipline of time with phones outside the room and just writing for a few hours before going to have a cup of tea!

When Nicki asked about the possibility of a Spice Girl reunion, Geri responded: “At some point, I’d always love to do something. I love seeing them, it’s always nice. You know when the stars are aligned at some point.”

Nicki reminded her that it’s not too long before the 30th anniversary of the group, so surely there’s got to at least be ‘An Audience With’?

“Well something, but part of me thinks ok when is it, when do you celebrate? But when the time is right there’ll be something,” Geri replied, adding: “We’ll have to put some ideas together!”

You can listen back to the full interview from about two hours in on BBC Sounds.

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