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“I’m not enjoying it” Sam Thompson’s mum tells Hits Radio

Sam Thompson’s Mum Karen was a guest on Hits Radio Breakfast this morning to talk about her son being on I’m a Celebrity.

Things got a little emotional when Fluer East and the team asked how she thought her little boy – and their Hits Radio colleague – was getting on in the jungle.

“I’m not enjoying it,” Karen confessed. “It’s nerve-wracking as it’s my little boy, my child! I dread it every evening, but he is just being himself and he seems to be happy, and he looks well and that’s the main thing.”

Karen also revealed that Sam’s stick carrying habit isn’t just a jungle thing as he’s never been without something sword or lightsabre like in his hand to wander around with. She added that the jungle is a great place for him because there are sticks everywhere so he can keep picking up swords and lightsabres!

When asked what her favourite moment of the series has been so far, Karen answered: “His discussion with Marvin and Josie when they were just having a quiet conversation about each other, and about ADHD, was really, really sweet and nice because they were just lovely and kind.”

It wasn’t a surprise that her least favourite moment had been when her baby boy slapped former professional boxer Tony Bellew in the face.

“Time froze for that split second,” she admitted, “Waiting to see what the reaction was going to be, and I have to say Tony was just brilliant. Sam did have the dead mozzy in his hand to show him it was genuine!”

Things then got a little emotional as Fleur and co-hosts James and Matt played Karen a message Sam had recorded before he left for Australia. Tears flowed as Karen heard Sam tell her that he loved her, missed her and hoped he was making her proud.

“You shouldn’t have shown me that now – it’s really horrible,” she sobbed.

When the Breakfast team told tell her how proud they were of Sam and how they’re rooting for him to be King of the Jungle, the tears started again!

“You’re very kind and I don’t know if everyone has fallen in love with him but you’re going to make me cry again you have to stop! I would love him to win it, it would just be a dream and it would make for the most incredible Christmas!”



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