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Pete Wicks talks about his mate Sam Thompson on Hits Radio

Pete Wicks joined Fleur East on Hits Radio Breakfast this morning to have a chat about how his friend Sam Thompson is getting on in the jungle.

Pete, who co-hosts the Staying Relevant podcast with Sam, is due to fly out to Australia tomorrow to meet his best mate when he comes out of I’m a Celebrity.

Fleur and her co-hosts James and Matt asked if Pete had been missing Sam.

“Absolutely not! No, to be honest, weirdly I actually am, and I didn’t think I would,” Pete responded. “The first week was lovely, I really chilled out and it was nice to have a bit of peace and quiet but now I don’t really know what to do with myself.”

There’s been some surprise that Sam has chosen Pete to meet him on the other side of the I’m a Celebrity bridge rather than girlfriend Zara McDermott, but Pete explained: “ITV wanted me to go because I need to protect Ant and Dec from Sam when he comes out otherwise there could be some sort of restraining order happening,” he joked.

Continuing, Pete revealed: “It wasn’t a competition with Zara – it was always going to be me! To be fair, Sam and I thought she’d still be in Strictly because we didn’t realise how bad she was at dancing!”

And before he had to leave to head off to the airport, Fleur had to ask him about Sam chanting Pete’s name – ‘Do it for Pete. Do it for Pete.’ – during the Locker Shocker trial.

Pete replied: “Zara messaged me and asked, ‘What is this about?!’ Obviously, she knows I’m the favourite and she’s used to it by now but I’m hoping he doesn’t do that in bed. That would be slightly weird!”


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