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Rylan celebrates being 35 playing the Birthday Game on Scott Mills show

Reaching 35 years old today, Rylan celebrated by appearing on the Scott Mills show on BBC Radio 2 to play the Birthday Game.

He told Scott he shares his birthday with Alan Carr’s dad, and he marks it every year by texting Alan with a message for him.

Rylan also revealed he and Britney are friends and she recently sent him her new book.

Scott asked Rylan if he knew any other celebrities who also have their birthday today?

“Piccasso and Katy Perry,” he responded. “And the other one I definitely know is Alan Carr’s dad.” Scott reminded him he asked for celebrities and Rylan said he knew but it was linked, although he couldn’t remember his name.

“I can’t remember but every one of my birthdays I message Alan,” he said.

Scott’s producer told them his name is Alan and he’s 79 today. Rylan answered that he’d already sent a text, not to Graham, but to Alan. “I said say Happy Birthday to your dad. It’s just become a thing for years. I don’t know why,” he said.

Rylan also revealed Britney Spears sent him her book and it arrived today. He told Scott she’d been a bit obsessed with him after he interviewed her and gave her a toy snake, which she wore for all her interviews across Europe!

She also got Rylan on stage when she performed at the O2 and invited him to go and stay with her in Vegas and be a dancer in A Piece Of Me tour.

How do you top that?!

“Oh my god, this is so good,” was Scott’s response!

Happy birthday Rylan!

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