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Was that Ken Bruce or Rob Brydon speaking on Greatest Hits Radio?

Rob Brydon shared his Golden Years tracks with Ken Bruce on Greatest Hits Radio earlier.

The Gavin & Stacey star does a good impression of Ken, which he did this morning, but before listeners got too confused the voice-a-like was soon revealed as Rob!

After his three chosen track on the feature were played, Rob took some time to answer listener questions. One of them was whether Gavin & Stacey would ever return.

“It’s a lovely thought but I don’t know that there are any plans for it at the moment,” he replied. “But then I wouldn’t necessarily know. When they did that big Christmas special a few years ago they’d written it without any of us knowing.

He explained that James Corden and Ruth Jones had got together to  secretly write it. “The first I knew was when James phoned and said ‘What are you doing this summer? We’ve written a Christmas special….. But I just work here,” he added.

Going back to Rob’s impression of Ken, another listener asked if he would be standing in when Ken goes on holiday.

“I would fall short, and people would see through me,” he answered. “What I will be doing is occasionally popping into the building and I will occasionally do a link, and nobody will know!

“It will give Ken a chance to leave the room and do whatever a man of his age needs to do. So, I think of myself not as a carer – that’s too much – but as a helper. He doesn’t need a carer – at least not for another year or two yet,” he joked.

Listen to Rob Brydon sharing his Golden Years tracks with Ken Bruce here.

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