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“I have a go no go point” for stunts Tom Cruise tells Capital

Tom Cruise joined Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp this morning and talked about his stunts in the Mission Impossible movie.

He was in conversation with the show’s co-host Sian Welby when he spoke about surviving the “biggest stunt in cinema history”.

Sian asked Tom about that stunt”, because it’s the one everyone’s talking about. “The ramp and the motorcycle, the margin for error looked, I mean it’s not even a wide ramp for one,” she said.

“There’s a lot going on, there’s a lot of preparation to figure that out,” Tom replied. “The amount of knowledge that goes into something like that, it’s very exciting. I enjoy learning, you know I enjoy pushing cinema in that way, but even just as I’m going, the helicopter that’s going over, I had to be in sync with that helicopter, because if he’s in the wrong position, he’s going to blow me off the ramp,” he added.

He explained that in the electronic press kit, you can see when he jumped out of the helicopter that he had to test the wind just before he did it because it can change very quickly.

“You can see that when I opened, I was a little off because I had a crosswind and as I, my shoulder was a little up and the parachute opened and the second it opens it was pulling me into the side of the mountain, so I had to quickly, once you pull you have to be quickly ready to adjust the direction of the parachute,” he said.

At the same time, he’s thinking about his performance and letting the audience know that he’s acting.

“Plus, I have to know the speed of the bike, the helicopter, if he’s in the wrong position,” he said. “I have a go and a no-go point, where there is a point on that ramp where I know I’m committed and I can slow down, but I can’t come off the throttle at that point.

“If I’m going to stop, I really have to, there’s a go, no-go point, it’s like right at this point, you’re in. And even if the helicopter, the drones are in the wrong position, once I pass that point, no matter what I’m committed, and I can’t slow down. I have to go as fast as I can off the edge of that ramp,” he revealed.

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