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Elton John tells Clara Amfo his top new artists at Glastonbury 2023

Ahead of his debut on Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage this Sunday, Elton John talked to Clara Amfo for Radio 1’s Future Sounds.

Elton told Clara that he’s never been asked to play Glastonbury before, but it’s come at a time where it couldn’t be a more perfect ending to playing in Britain.

Because it’ll be a new show, different to his current tour, Clara asked Elton how he put it together.

“When you put a set list together, it’s a bit like having sex,” he responded. “You start off really well, then you chill out a bit and towards the end of the show all hell breaks loose!

“I’m starting the set with a song I haven’t played on stage for about ten years, so we’ll see how it goes – you never can predict how it’s going to but I’m so excited about it,” he added. He also said that Emily and everyone from the festival had been so lovely to him.

Clara visited Elton John’s home for the interview where she spoke to him amongst his very impressive record collection. The collection is mostly on vinyl, and he named his top four new artists to look out for at this year’s Glastonbury Festival.

The first was Olivia Dean, who he says, is brilliant and he’s been playing her music for two years. He has a copy of her new album, Messy and thinks she’s “a big star”. Next was Nigerian artist Obongjayar. “This guy is really special,” Elton said.

Third, was Scottish singer Joseph, who Elton says, has a great future. Finally, he chose the Nova Twins. “These girls rock my world, I love what they do, they’re going to storm Glastonbury,” he said.

Listen to Radio 1’s Future Sounds with Clara Amfo tonight at 7pm to hear the full Elton John Glastonbury preview together with his music choices.

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