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Roman on Capital & Martin on Greatest Hits Radio – double Kemp today

There was a choice of two Kemps on the radio this morning as both were presenting breakfast shows!

Roman was hosting his usual show on Capital while his dad, Martin presented Breakfast on Greatest Hits Radio, standing in for regular host Simon Ross.

Martin normally presents the Mixtape Show, Friday evenings on Greatest Hits Radio.

Although each station aims at different audiences with the type of music they play, both can be heard across the UK.

It’s probably a bit of a stretch to say that dad and son were going head-to-head to win an audience on breakfast radio this morning, but they were both on-air from 6-10am on different stations!

This unusual event is only a one off though, because Martin was sitting-in just for today. Even so, is this a first in radio with father and son hosting at the same time in the same time slot on the same day?

We’re not sure, but the bigger question might be, which one was wife and mum Shirlie Kemp listening to?!!

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