Michael Ball to pay tribute to Doris Day on Radio 2 this Sunday

In tribute to the legendary American actress, singer, and animal welfare activist Doris Day, who died on Monday (13 May), there’s another chance to hear the iconic star in conversation with Michael Ball on BBC Radio 2.

This Sunday 19 May at 12pm, in an exclusive interview which was recorded in 2011, the original whip-crack-away girl talks about her movies, her music and her leading men.

Michael Ball said: “There has only ever been a very few truly iconic movie stars whose talent and image have ensured a kind of immortality. Doris Day is one of the greatest of them all. So to have had an opportunity to talk to her about her life and career when she granted me a very rare interview was beyond thrilling.

“They don’t make them like Doris anymore, and they never will.”

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