Matt and Luke Goss talk to Steve Wright about “that” documentary


The Bros boys were guests on Steve Wright in the Afternoon on BBC Radio 2 yesterday, discussing the much talked about documentary on them which was shown over Christmas, and their future plans.

In an open and frank interview, Steve asked them if they knew what was going in the documentary. Matt described it as a painful and difficult film to watch, but they learnt different things about each other. He said, “We got tough therapy in front of the nation.”

With the documentary, they say that people got to see a snapshot of their lives which are “pretty nuts” in that they have very busy lifestyles.

The boys also revealed that they’ve had a lot of offers to do various things, but they’re looking for something new. They’re talking to production people about doing more together but can’t reveal what that is.

There is a Bros gig coming up at the Brixton Academy on 5th July. They said they chose that venue over the O2 because they wanted the gig to be more edgy.

They’ve recently recorded a new song together and are planning to record a new album, which they might film.

Steve asked what advice they would give to any new boybands based on there own experience? The answer was clear – look for an authenticity and “If you’re chasing fame and not the music, you’re chasing the wrong thing.”

You can hear the full interview on the BBC Sounds website and if you missed the documentary, Bros: After the Screaming Stops, it’s being repeated on BBC 2 this evening (26th January) at 10.45pm.

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