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Romesh Ranganathan’s mum records his first Radio 2 show to listen later

Romesh Ranganathan launched his brand-new BBC Radio 2 show on Saturday and is now waiting for a review from his mum, Shanthi.

Beginning  just after 10am yesterday, Romesh was given a cake to welcome him to the show. He admitted to being very nervous because he was excited and paid tribute to the show’s previous host, Claudia Winkleman.

“Saturday mornings with me and you and I want to get to know you,” he told his listeners. “I’m brand new to Saturday mornings, I know you guys have been listening to the slot thinking, ‘Oh am I going to miss Claudia?’. We’re all going to miss Claudia, but I’m here to get to know you and, hopefully, you’ll get to realise, you know, he’s different, but he’s still good!”

Romesh introduced his show features – Family Three-Tunes, with three generations of a family each pitch a different song, but only one of them is selected to be played on the programme; and Pitch Your Passion which is a chance for listeners to get in touch and convert Romesh to their unique passions and interests. He was also joined by his first guest, fellow Radio 2 presenter, Rob Beckett.

Towards the end of the show Romesh called his mum, Shanthi, to get her feedback. She told him of her excitement that he was on Radio 2, but admitted she had been out all morning so missed the show but had recorded it.

“So when I have a cup of coffee, I’ll sit and listen to everything and I’ll give you the review next Saturday,” she told Romesh. “I have full faith in you. You’re going to do well,” she added.


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