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Mark Wright admits ‘lying’ to Michelle Keegan on second Valentine’s Day

Heart’s Mark Wright admitted on-air that he lied to his wife Michelle Keegan on their second year celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Speaking on his Saturday show on Heart, Mark revealed he’d told Michelle that he cooked lobster when really, he got it made from a restaurant.

He explained that they like to stay in on Valentine’s night and keep low key because it’s always crowded everywhere. Their first one together, Michelle cooked for him, a rack of lamb, which was the best he’d ever tasted, he said.

For the next one, he decided to cook for her as she was working late. He wanted to beat Michelle’s rack of lamb, so decided on lobster.

After Googling how to cook a good lobster and saw how hard it is because it can turn very tough and rubbery, Mark decided to cheat!

“I went to a restaurant that I knew, and I asked them to prepare me a lobster that I just literally need to put in the oven for a certain amount of minutes. Bring it out is done,” he said. “So, Michelle gets home from work she’s got this plate on the table…. lobster, a glass of red wine.”

He explained that she was gobsmacked because it was that good but thought there’s no way he’d cooked it, but he insisted he had. Big mistake!

Mark continued: Anyway, the next morning she woke up came into the room and she said “Mark you’re a liar!”. I said “why?” Pulled the bag from the restaurant that I stupidly put in the bin.

“So basically, I got clocked! I don’t think that’s a bad thing…. at least I tried and she still loved the meal but maybe I shouldn’t have lied and said that I cooked it!”

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