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Russell T Davies reveals Helena Bonham Carter turned down Doctor Who

Helena Bonham Carter and Russell T Davies joined Jo Whiley on BBC Radio 2 this evening to co-host her show and the conversation turned to Doctor Who.

The subject came up when Jo asked Helena if she’s ever appeared in the TV programme.

Russell replied: “She’s been offered, and madam was too busy. ‘Not this time’ came back the answer,” he added while laughing.

Helena explained that she couldn’t do it as she had other things on at the time and Russell added that there are better parts coming.

Helena reminded him that he was the one who said the part wasn’t quite good enough for her.

“I did, oh gosh,” Russell remembered. “Actually, it wasn’t no, I mean it wasn’t big enough, it wasn’t good enough for you. It was a lovely part and they offered it, but I secretly sent you a note saying turn this down. We’ll get you something better.”

She confirmed that he’d said that and told her there was no pressure.

“Oh god, I never told the team that,” Russell admitted. “I am completely hung and drawn and quartered now. I said ‘don’t do this!’.”

He added that he knows what’s coming up in the future and there’s a better part coming for her.

Jo then asked Helena if she’d be up for it, and she replied: “Of course I’d do anything!”

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