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Hula hooping to get Olly Alexander fit for Eurovision!

Olly Alexander joined Rylan, who is sitting in for Scott Mills on BBC Radio 2 today, to talk about being the UK’s next entry for Eurovision.

It was revealed by Olly, during Saturday night’s final of Strictly Come Dancing, that he’s been chosen to represent the UK in Malmo next year.

When Rylan asked Olly how he was feeling about it, he admitted to being a little overwhelmed because he’s known for a while and couldn’t tell anyone.

“Keeping it a secret was hard and I kind of forgot that people would know and, sort of, have a reaction,” he told Rylan.

Olly was allowed to tell his mum though: “She was having a panic attack. I told her when I found out – I was, like, you can’t tell anyone mum and she was just like, ‘Oh my god, what am I going to do?’… She’s just been so so excited; she can’t wait and hopefully I can bring her to Sweden,” he said.

He also told Rylan that everyone’s been very supportive and it’s a bit like a dream, he can’t believe it’s really happening.

“I’m already so proud of the song and just the fact that I’m going to be taking part… and you’d best believe I’m going to be pulling out all the stops for this performance,” he added.

Continuing, Olly explained how he’s going to prepare for it: “Whatever I’m going to be doing its going to require some extreme physical fitness from me because I know that, when I was on tour, I started singing the songs on the treadmill… so I’ve started doing that. I’ve started hula hooping and singing the song!”

Although he can’t reveal anything about the song (apart from singing it on a treadmill and while hula hooping), Rylan asked what we can expect from Olly in Malmo?

“Drama!” was his one-word immediate reply!!

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