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Oops Judi Dench tells Zoe Ball how she accidentally exposed herself

Judi Dench was a guest on Zoe Ball’s BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show earlier and revealed how she once made an embarrassing blunder while using her phone.

Dame Judi, who was appearing on the show with her friend and co-author Brendan O’Hea, explained how she accidentally used Facetime while naked and exposed herself to actors Chris Logan and Ben Whishaw.

The actress told Zoe that her daughter Finty Williams rang her one morning to tell her it was Chris Logan’s birthday, and he was having a walk with fellow actor Ben Whishaw in Regent’s Park and would Judi wish him happy birthday?

“I went upstairs… got into my bath,” Judi said, “and I thought ‘Ooh I must send Chris Logan a happy birthday message’.

“So I picked up my phone… and I said ‘Chris… Happy Happy’… and I just saw these two people turn and go *shocked*!

“Well… it was FaceTiming them… I don’t know about FaceTime… poor Chris… happy birthday,” She added.

Laughing, Zoe responded: “What a birthday message! You can’t top that can you.”

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