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Noel Gallagher shares Top of the Pops memories with Jackie Brambles

Noel Gallagher popped in for a chat with Jackie Brambles today on Greatest Hits Radio.

The High Flying Birds front man reminisced about the joys of appearing on Top of the Pops at the start of his Oasis career. It was the band’s first appearance on the TV show that had an effect on his mum.

“It was only after our first Top of the Pops appearance that my mum accepted what we were doing was in any way valid,” Noel explained. “She was like ‘What are you doing in London?’ and we had to tell her ‘We’re on Top of the Pops. We’ve been telling you we’re amazing’.”

He said that being on Top of the Pops was like you’ve made it but even though it was great, some illusions were shattered.

“I always thought everyone that was on was a multi-millionaire,” he revealed. “We turned up in a diesel transit van that somebody had put petrol in, so it broke down. It was all a comedy of errors, but we used to love going.”

Noel also remembered a first: “I think we were the only band ever to refuse to play live,” he recalled. “Everybody else was like ‘can we play live on Top of the Pops?’ and we were like ‘I’m not playing live I’d rather get drunk in the bar to be honest with you and then mime badly’.”

You can listen to Noel Gallagher chat to Jackie Brambles on Greatest Hits Radio here.

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