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“It’s all not true,” Nicholas Hoult tells Heart about Nicholas Cage

Appearing on Heart Breakfast, Nicholas Hoult shut down rumours that co-star Nicolas Cage shaved his teeth for his character in Dracula.

The actor joined Jamie Theakston and Zoe Hardman, who is sitting in for Amanda Holden, this morning to talk about the film.

Jamie asked if it was true what he’d read about Nicolas Cage having a method approach and was constantly in a Dracula character?

It’s so funny, because I was with him the other day and you never know what’s going to be clickbait and what’s going to become,” Nicholas Hoult responded. “I read one where they were like ‘Nick Cage actually shaved down his teeth’. Like sharp like vampire teeth and it’s like it’s all kind of not true and he also wasn’t method on set at all like in between takes he wasn’t walking around thinking he was Dracula and sucking blood he was very normal Nick Cage.”

He also revealed how much Cage cares about filmmaking and acting. He added that he’s a “good sport”, revealing it took “eight hours” to do “20 pounds worth of prosthetic makeup” for the filming of Dracula!

Nicholas added: “Before you even started shooting and roasting hot and he never complained once, was always on time ready to play so really good experience.”

As for Nicholas himself, he admitted to Jamie and Zoe that he has been known to “steal stuff” on set and says has a few letters, artwork and a painting of himself as the Emperor of Russia as well as stealing “the chain that tied me and Tom Hardy together in Mad Max”.

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