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Dave Gahan tells Simon Mayo about hearing his band on The Last of Us

Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan and Martin Gore popped in to Greatest Hits Radio for a chat with Simon Mayo.

Simon finally got to speak to the pair on his Drivetime show, having last talked to them three decades ago.

There was a bit of reminiscing about that last interview, which Simon recalled ‘was quite hard work’. They went on to discuss the band’s latest album, Memento Mori, how they’ve coped after the death of band mate Andy Fletcher and plans for a new tour. But it was a question about the US post-apocalyptic drama The Last of Us, that really got Dave going.

He told Simon that he’d heard about the show and was intrigued by it so was watching while lying in bed falling asleep.

“So, as I was sort of nodding off, in the background I heard the beginning of Never Let Me Down and it’s sort of like a boxer hearing a bell and I sat up in bed and clued back into the TV,” the singer explained.

“It was a perfect spot and I loved the fact that there’s a theme and something hidden in each song that they use. The next few days were crazy and the song recharted around the world!”

You can listen to Depeche Mode chat to Simon Mayo on Greatest Hits Radio here.

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