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Oops “I meant to say sheets,” Jordan North tells Radio 1 listeners

Jordan North apologised yesterday after a naughty word accidentally slipped out as he was talking with co-host Vick Hope on their BBC Radio 1 show.

It happened as the Drivetime co-host was reading out a listener message about bedding and he said: “For me it’s fitted s**ts.”

Immediately realising what he’d just said, he quickly apologised, saying: “Oh god, sorry, sorry, I apologise, I am so sorry. I meant to say sheets.”

Laughing, Vick quickly responded: “They are really annoying!”

Jordan continued: “I’m really sorry about that, if you’re on your way hope from work, I do apologise I meant to say fitted sheets.”

It’s not the first time Jordan has had a similar on-air mishap, but show us a presenter who says they’ve never made an on-air gaff and it would most likely be someone who is conveniently forgetting!

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