Robbie Williams tells Heart Breakfast Britney declined to record a duet with him

Robbie Williams was in a festive mood this morning when he appeared on Heart Breakfast talking about his new Christmas album and why Britney Spears said no to recording a duet for it.

He told Jamie and Amanda that the album has been in the making for three years and was recorded in June and July.

As a result, he admitted to them: “I’ve been feeling festive for a very long time and my life is much better for it.”

When Jamie asked Robbie, which is his favourite Christmas song, the story about Britney was revealed. Robbie answered: “My go to is Fairy Tale of New York but I think you may have played that.

“But listen, check this out, I asked Britney Spears to duet with me on Fairy Tale of New York. She said no. What a lovely story.”

Jamie enquired: “What did you do? Did you ring her, or did she just not text you back, how did that work?”

“She’s not working right now,” Robbie replied, adding: “She’s having a rest. Maybe it’ll happen in the future.”

He then said to Amanda: “We’re good Amanda,” after she suggested that she should record it with him instead!

Bringing the conversation closer to home, Jamie asked Robbie’s opinion of the new Heart Breakfast show, adding that he loved doing it, although he joked: “It would probably sound better if it was like Rob and Amanda.”

Robbie answered: “You’ve been here a long time you’ve had a great run, it’s been lovely for everybody and you’ve done a great job!”

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