Amanda Holden will be back on Heart Breakfast next Monday despite holiday accident

Amanda Holden has had an accident while on holiday resulting on her needing an emergency operation.

The Sun reported earlier that the Heart Breakfast co-host broke her leg in two places when she took part in an inflatable assault course. The newspaper says she was in the sea playing with her daughter off a beach in Europe when she slipped and broke her fibula in two places.

Her husband Chris came to her rescue and rushed her to a local hospital where she underwent an emergency operation to have a metal plate fitted.

Amanda is due back on Heart next Monday and has told bosses she’ll be there, although she’ll be on crutches.

When asked for a comment, Amanda told The Sun: “Sadly this is true.

“I suffered a nasty accident while climbing with the family during our half-term holiday  and subsequently broke my leg in two places. I had an operation on Friday and a metal plate was fitted.”

This morning, Amanda called Jamie Theakston during the Heart breakfast show to explain a little more about what happened.

She told him: “So basically I was trying to be a good mother Jamie and I put my book down, I put down the Uno cards… and I said to Hollie ‘Mummy can come on that with you’ and there’s this like, you remember [Total] Wipeout, that TV thing?

“There’s like a children’s Total Wipeout thing in the middle of the sea and … mistily get round it and I thought yeah I can do that, so Hollie was doing brilliantly and going round it.

“I walked around it and then crawled across like an old person, like across the difficult bits. And then there were these three inflatable stepping stones in the middle of the sea and everyone else was running across it and I thought ‘oh I could do that, if kids can do it I can do it’ and I did it and I made it – I was showing off Jamie – I made it across to the other side and then my leg slipped coz obviously its wet, like an inflatable thing in the sea, my leg slipped and it went the other way and I felt it break and I fell in to the sea and I had to swim back to the shore one legged.”

Amanda confirmed  she’s  broken her fibula in two places and has a metal plate and screws in her leg. She says it’s the fastest and easiest way for it to heal.

Jamie asked her if she was on crutches and able to get around. She replied: “I am on crutches and I am in a wheelchair and Chris bless him has pushed me to dinner every night in a wheelchair.”

Amanda also confirmed to Jamie that she will be back on the show on Monday.

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