Startled Stephen Nolan thought he was being raided this morning!

BBC presenter Stephen Nolan was startled this morning by what he thought was his home being raided by the British army, but it turned out to be a herd of cows.

An easy mistake to make when you’re woken so early in the morning! Stephen posted on social media: “I thought I was getting raided by the British army.

“I woke up to sound of heavy footsteps and banging on my door. Cows broke into my site. Set off alarms, which sent call to security team. Total mayhem. Dirty brutes. I’m furious.”

He shared a video of himself chasing the cows away by banging on the windows after they’d set off his house alarm. He’s then seen running out into his driveway, wearing very little, to shoo them away.

The 5 Live and BBC Northern Ireland presenter has been working hard to lose weight recently, sharing his progress with followers on social media. He recently tweeted: “Squeezed into a 34” waist today. It’s kinda cheating as they are ‘stretch jeans’, but it’s better than the 58” waist I was in Nov last year.”

You can see his slimmer figure looking good in the video below as he runs at the cows – well, it’s all good exercise!

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