Richard Bacon suffers PTSD in hospital

Radio and TV presenter, Richard Bacon says he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder when he returned to the hospital where he was treated for a serious lung infection earlier this year.

He was making a documentary at Lewisham hospital, where he’d been put into a medically induced coma last July after getting a virus while returning to the UK from the United States. He told The Sun that he began to feel “claustrophobic” and “overwhelmed” so had to go and stand outside.

He says seeing the same equipment he’d been hooked up to in the ward, brought the frightening moments back to him. These included waking from the coma and hallucinating. That caused the overwhelming and claustrophobic feelings which he said made him feel “a little bit of PTSD on that day, for sure.”

Richard, who now lives and works in America, will be returning to the hospital though, because he intends to take part in some fundraising for it.

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